Indiana County Open Space, Greenways and Trail Plan

Indiana County, Pennsylvania


GIS Mapping & Analysis
Natural Resource and Greenway Planning
Public Engagement


To develop a plan for establishing a cohesive greenways and open space network throughout the County.


Indiana County Department of Planning & Development

EPD was contracted by Indiana County to complete the Open Space, Greenways and Trails Plan by performing a thorough assessment of the County’s natural and man-made elements.

A series of sophisticated GIS analyses were utilized to assess natural resource locations and to identify conflicts with current land use/development patterns and policies. This document determined the most appropriate corridors and areas to be included in the Open Space, Greenway and Trails Plan. EPD prepared a detailed implementation strategy and a series of “ready-to-go” demonstration projects for which feasibility and acquisition efforts could begin. These recommendations were also folded into the overall Plan’s Natural Resource Chapter.

The County Staff focused its efforts on developing consensus and detailing recommendations associated with land use, economic and infrastructure. EPD completed GIS mapping for both the County’s existing conditions and recommended Plan strategies.