Greensburg Comprehensive Plan

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania


Comprehensive Planning
Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Planning
Public Engagement
Project Team Management
Community Surveying


To update the City’s Comprehensive Plan, develop neighborhood based developments/revitalization strategies. To identify downtown economic development and vitality opportunities.


City of Greensburg

The City of Greensburg is undertaking a comprehensive plan update that has emphasis on its neighborhoods, park and recreational assets and services, neighborhood blight, housing security, choice, affordability, downtown vitality, and mobility. EPD seeks to ensure that every planning and design effort considers equity, access, longevity, flexibility/adaptability, and sustainability. We propose completing a series of early-phase analyses and observations, mid-phase visioning and ‘what if discussions’ and a final phase that outlines realistic and measured actions for addressing the City’s priority needs and advancing its most critical projects into the coming decades.

We develop plans and policies around communities that are continually changing and use this evolution to facilitate meaningful and provocative dialogue between elected officials, City Staff members, institutional and business leaders and most importantly the community at-large. Ultimately, these discussions when married with the analyses and observations offered by our team will frame the plan’s key goals, principles, recommendations and priorities.