Palmer Township – Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Update

Northampton County, Pennsylvania


Comprehensive Planning
Public Engagement
GIS mapping and Analysis
Transportation Assessment
Pedestrian -Bicycle Services
Recreation Planning
Greenway/Trail Planning
Project Team management
Zoning Analysis


To prepare an Implementable Comprehensive Plan to guide land use and municipal prosperity for the next twenty years.


Township of Palmer


Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.

EPD worked with the community’s leadership, administrative staff, Parks and Recreation Board and the various organizations/stakeholders to prepare an Implementable Comprehensive Plan for Palmer Township.  The Plan addresses transportation and circulation, recreation and open space, economic prosperity and other essential community planning elements.

Palmer Township is a community that comprises a mix of residential neighborhoods, commercial and industrial corridors and rich with natural resources and open spaces. In order to determine what this community will look like when it “grows up,” EPD worked with the community’s leadership, administrative staff and public to recognize the Township’s key strengths, assets, and how to best shape and balance future land use so that the Township can continue to be a community of quality.

The Township is traversed by high-traffic corridors but does not adequately support multi-modal transportation.  A key focus of this Implementable Comprehensive Plan was developing a sidewalk and trail network that can effectively form connections between neighborhoods and Township destination and attractions. A sub-focus of this planning aspect was traffic mitigation and pedestrian safety strategies.