Hazelwood Green Riverfront Master Plan

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Master Planning
Sustainable Design
Brownfield Reclamation
Public Engagement
Cost Estimation
Project Team Management


To develop a Master Plan for a new riverfront park located between the river edge and railroad tracks with preservation of industrial heritage.


Almono LP
Pennsylvania Environmental Council

Hazelwood Green Riverfront Public Space is a 20-acre post-industrial brownfield site located in the heart of Pittsburgh. The site was initially planned and developed in the 1940s to meet wartime demands for steel that employed two generations of workers. Today with the opportunity of the Hazelwood Green development, which aims to be a world-class mixed-use community, the reclamation of the riverfront as open space will be a significant asset for local and regional residents.

The project aims at achieving a high standard of sustainability. Concepts, including brownfield reclamation, industrial heritage preservation, regional trail connection, site material salvation, stormwater harvesting, and public engagement will play a profound role in making the park a one-of-a-kind place. Within a highly constrained space between active railway lines and operational coal barges, a fully programmed urban park will convert the industrial memory of the site seamlessly into its new life.

Input is paramount to the Hazelwood Green’s Riverfront Park’s success. Participation, communication, and feedback from the general public, stakeholder groups, Project Committee, the Client, and between the consultant team members will be carried out at every phase of the project. Brainstorming sessions, consensus building, and partnership development will happen in the form of interactive design workshops, stakeholder interviews, public open house, and immersive site walking tours.