Coral Springs Parks Master Plan

Broward County, Florida


Parks and Recreation Master Planning
Public Engagement
Project Team Management


To identify system enhancements and improvements for next 10 years.

To outline sustainability planning and design principles and financing as related to administration, projects, facilities and maintenance.


City of Coral Springs


Rebecca L. Schnirman

The City’s Parks and Recreation Plan seeks to:

  1. Determine the adequacy of current levels of funding and staffing.
  2. Identify programming needs and methods to meet those needs.
  3. Identify ways to improve the operation and maintenance of facilities.
  4. Identify areas of historic interest, greenways, open space and watersheds, and determine how to utilize them in an overall park plan.
  5. Determine and prioritize the need for additional facilities such as: athletic fields, courts, trails, park lands, and open space.
  6. Recommend improvements to meet ADA handicap accessibility requirements.
  7. Improve maintenance methods and solve safety issues.
  8. Identify areas of cooperation with the School District and neighboring municipalities.
  9. Identify ways to improve the City’s working relationship with the various youth sport and community groups which use City recreation facilities.