New Kensington Corridor of Innovation Ideabook

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania


Policy Recommendations
Implementation Plan
City Master Plan
Smart City Strategy
New Economy Strategy
Complete Streets
Public Engagement


To develop initiatives, policies, actions and programs that will drive development and redevelopment throughout the corridor.


City of New Kensington
Penn State University New Kensington
Westmoreland County Department of Planning and Development

The purpose of the strategic planning effort is to obtain community consensus, set priorities, focus energy and necessary identity improvements. This effort will also embed value by enhancing the competitiveness of the local economy and improving the quality of life for residents.

To best address the City of New Kensington’s revitalization project, EPD proposed that an intensive workshop/charrette approach as the most appropriate and effective direction. The charrette succussfuly engaged residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to participate in the visioning and solution-building for the heart of their community.

EPD Team approch the project with an integrated network. Connecting land use and design strategies will encourage economic growth, align city systems, provide open space, and strengthen neighborhoods. An updated framework for decision making and regulation will result in a rapid response to business opportunities, urgent public health needs, imperative job growth and residents’ quality of life. The Strategic Framework focuses on six aspects of equal level of importance: Smart City, Public Amenity, Mobility, Building, Land Use & Urban Form, and Business Development. Recommendations and best practices were provided for the City in the six catogories.

Our Team is proceeding to formalize recommendations and viable design solutions.