The Circuit Trails Pipeline Manager

Greater Philadelphia Region


Browser-Based Application Development
Database Creation and Management
Interactive Web Map Production
Custom Code Development
Integration with ArcGIS


Develop a custom project management application to facilitate and track the implementation of The Circuit Regional Trail System.


Pennsylvania Environmental Council

EPD is developing a project management tool for the Pennsylvania Environmental Council to facilitate implementation of The Circuit Trails, an 800-mile trail network in and around Philadelphia. A major roadblock to realizing trail plans is the complexity inherent in coordinating efforts between a wide range of organizations across different jurisdictions. The Pipeline Manager will empower over 100 organizations across 10 counties by ensuring that their effort is focused on moving projects forward efficiently.

The Pipeline Manager will serve as a central hub for maintaining information on each project. The relational database structure generates a unique dashboard for each organization that displays action items and allows for streamlined coordination between multiple organizations involved in a single project. Regional stakeholders can view the status of the entire system and auto-generate summary analytics to track progress and support grant writing.

In order to build an application that is both intuitive and responsive to the needs of project stakeholders, EPD has applied our unique combination of experience in regional planning, local trail project implementation, custom database application development, and interactive web map creation. The application is being built using FileMaker, JavaScript, and the ArcGIS Online API.