Christian Umbach

Community Planner

Christian Umbach holds a master’s degree in Community Planning from the University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP. His work and interests focus around community-driven planning and contextual urban design that balances environmental, social and economic factors. Christian comes from a community development background, where he worked to uplift underserved youth through environmental education. He views his planning practice as a mission to help transform the built and natural environment, in hopes of increasing social capital, enhancing mental/physical health, and bringing about justice and equality.
Christian adds value to projects through his comprehensive understanding of urban systems, including land use, mobility, green space, public space, real estate development, etc. With strong writing and graphic skills, Christian excels in narrative crafting, a key to delivering cohesive and marketable projects.


Environmental Planning & Design, LLC
2020 – Present


The University of Cincinnati
Master of Community Planning


  • Coral Springs Park and Recreation Master Plan
  • Elizabeth Township Master Plan
  • Kacin Residential Development